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CA for MSP in silent mode without command line
MSI Small Updates can include and repair large number of files Options
ProgID table produces error during run time but validation of MSI is OK
260 characters limit in shortcut's targets Windows not MSI/Setup Limitation
Replacing Non-versioned Files User Data with companion files
New tools to Import VBS JPG - Unable to place file in stream - MSIDB
Remove registry info entries for all users in system or just current owner
Replacing Non-versioned Files User Data with companion files
Msidb Command Line Folder Path MSI name limitations
Do NOT Associate Extension set flag file types as No Open in Verb Table
Property for All Users Shared Documents or CA?
File Hidden Attribute after installation - Source in CAB files
Advertised applications - option /jm - problem advertising shortcuts
Error 1925 You do not have sufficient privileges
Help Launch Automated Message After Product Build
RegisterFonts using a MSP on a VISTA machine
Sample Code Create Word Macros Translation Localization Automation
MSM Validation - ATL.MSM - Documentation
Computer Terminology Microsoft Glossaries
Create your own custom application with Word macros
NT 4.0 Server to XP ok but error XP to NT 4.0 - Advice welcomed
Sripts for Natural Language Translation (Code still archived since 1996)
UNIX 2 IBM script - Localization
Professional Translation Software Standard Version
Check Spelling with Internet Explorer
Simple automation to search with string
Automatic Natural Language Translation System
Professional Translation Software Standard Version
UNIX Sripts for Natural Language Translation (Code still archived since 1996)
UNIX filter - remove all HTML codes - Automation
Tek-Tips Forums, and all my platform sdk messages, Google participation

Problem solving is expedited if you supply the following information and a very detailed description of the problem when first contacting me.

You must give the following information:
- Name
- Your email address
- Operating System and software versions
- Computer type, CPU
- Exact error message received
- Does the problem occur in a specified file, on more than one machine, in different sessions, during the installation?
- Has the system software configuration changed recently?
Please be as descriptive as possible. Include FULL details about the operation you were trying to perform and exactly what happened.  Include any error codes and/or messages you may have encountered. If you don't provide enough information about the problem you encountered, I will have to request more details from you.

Contact me directly: D. G. Schneider

Dominique G. Schneider & Irene N. Schneider.
DSCAN-UDM Copyright 1996, 1997 [French & International Links].
All rights reserved.

DSCAN-UDM, DSutil, Auto-Replace Pro and any accompanying modules are protected by copyright laws and remain the property of Dominique G. Schneider. The Software is designed to operate with an authorized key supplied by Dominique G. Schneider.

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