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Windows Installer Orca SDK and Visual Basic Demo Projects


From Huntsville, Alabama - Since 1995

These demo DSCAN Utilities are completely safe to install in seconds on your system and they also includes an uninstaller.
If you don't use them you can remove them from your hard disk within seconds.
These applications will demonstrate Visual Basic automation and Windows Installer SDK.

  1. Installation created soley using Windows Installer SDK (MSI/MSM/MSP/PCP/CAB)

  2. String manipulation using Visual Basic for Localization and other needs

  3. No Prerequisite needed - beside a PC and Notepad

  4. Updates are available, contact me for more information


Download Demo Version 7 September 2008

User Database Manager Standalone Utility

Demo Version

DSCAN English French Bidirectional Database Standalone Utility

Demo Version

DSCAN Include to recycle frequently-used paragraphs

Demo Version

DSCAN Append files to other files

Demo Version

DSCAN Find to find strings in a list of folders
(With Search n Replace)

Demo Version

DSCAN Grep to find strings in a single folder
(With Search n Replace)

Demo Version

DSCAN Sort to sort files and remove duplicates
(Sort by length, reversed order and so on...)

Demo Version

DSCAN Head n Tail to insert headers and/or footers

Demo Version

Description of commands & informations Download DSCAN-UDM, DS-Utility
English French Bi-directional Nucleus
ASCII User Databases Applications Updates
Bidirectional French / English Nucleus Support
Quick Preview Services
EZ Installation

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