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Denomination Day 2010

We seek not to idolize the founders of our denomination nor to sanctify the site of our foundation. We seek to honor the collected witness of all Cumberland Presbyterians. At General Assembly this year we will unveil a monument to that witness at Montgomery Bell State Park. For several years, Denomination Day offerings made to the Historical Foundation have gone to fund this new monument. This is the final year of that campaign.

200 years ago, Finis Ewing, Samuel McAdow, and Samuel King were ordinary men doing their best to serve God and their congregations in the face of remarkable events at an extraordinary time. They believed that the Spirit of the Lord was manifest in the Great Revival and they felt helpless to resist that Spirit. Opposing conservative voices, equally sincere, decried the revival as human excess, the trickery of charlatans, and the delusion of fools.

Between the spirit of revival and denial there would be no reconciliation, no compromise, no middle ground. Our spiritual ancestors recognized that if they were to continue to serve their churches they must reform Cumberland Presbytery despite opposition from Transylvania Presbytery and Kentucky Synod of the Presbyterian Church. It was this necessity that found three Presbyterian ministers in rural Dickson County, Tennessee, on 4 February, 1810.

A Litany For Denomination Sunday

As we enter the third century of witness of the people called Cumberland Presbyterians we humbly petition, oh Lord, help us honor, not deify, the collected witness of those uncounted who preceded us �

Renew our memory, O Lord.

Of merging streams of Presbyterian thought as Scottish, English, and Scots-Irish traditions and ideas unified forming something unique in a brand new land �

Renew our memory, O Lord.

Of those intrepid pioneers, both men and women, who courageously answered Your call to ministry on the
American Frontier despite hardship, deprivation, and lack of even the humble comforts of that day �

Renew our memory, O Lord.

Of the consistently progressive or medium theology they achieved through pragmatic means always recognizing that divine spark within any human spirit �

Renew our memory, O Lord.

Of their passion for education, not only for themselves, but for all people regardless of gender, race, or economic situation and of the great body of their scholarship �

Renew our memory, O Lord.

Of our denomination, unique yet a cog within the wheel of Your Church Universal �

Renew our memory, O Lord.

And ultimately, of the greatest thing of all: the surety of salvation which is ours through faith in Jesus Christ �

Renew our memory, O Lord.

Historical Foundation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America 8207 Traditional Place, Cordova, TN 38016-7414

Worship 9:00 am/ Sunday School 10:30
Youth & Adult Study: Sundays at 5:00 pm
Wednesday Night Meal & Ministry 6:00 pm
Ladies Meeting 1st. Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm

Exercise Time Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:00

Deacon's Mission Emphasis:

PAPER PRODUCTS (Paper towels, napkins, toilet tissue, etc.)
PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS (Soap, Deodorant, Feminine Products.)
Over-The Counter Medications, etc.
LAUNDRY PRODUCTS (Detergent, Fabric Softener, etc.)

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